and another.

i like this one.


lets do a photo throw back.


oh yes and....

Happy Earth Day.

throw something in the recycling bin, or go for a walk, turn off your lights and tv, read a book, listen to good music and wear your moccasin shoes and wooden earrings.

oh yes and listen to this... Make You Feel My Love. Bob Dylan.

the Adele version is pretty arite too. I like her.

When the rain is blowing in your face
And the whole world is on your case
I could offer you a warm embrace
To make you feel my love

District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Great great dance. god I love good dance.


Recent obsessions are great.

Jack Johnson
Sing A Longs and Lullabies from Curious George

With friends G. Love, Ben Harper, Matt Costa, and Kawika Kahiapo, Jack has created something that is exactly what the doctor ordered. (If your ordering music to teach dance to [that is not Hannah Montana]). In my searches make modern dance appealing to third graders I stumbled upon jewel. I, of course, am late of the boat. Coming out early in 2006, somewhere when In Between Dreams blessed my ears....this has made better the little bit of a drab taste in my mouth after Sleeping Through the Static. It was Jack in his very best. Hippie dippie wonders like 3 R's and The Sharing Song teach little tykes good things about recycling and being nice to your friends. Not only will I use it with my little dancin toes, but for my very own pleasure.

Please Dabble.

"I can change the worldWith my own two handsMake a better placeWith my own two handsMake a kinder placeWith my own two handsWith my ownWith my own two handsI can make peace on earthWith my own two handsI can clean up the earthWith my own two handsI can reach out to youWith my own two handsWith my ownWith my own two hands"
....oh yah it comes with a coloring book


Upon my incessant searching for the perfect job for a dancer...I have stumbled upon a helpful little site. Although I dont live in the Philadelphia region...I do know some people/dancers down in that part. I present to you Dance Journal. A website for the dancer in Philly...it has reviews, auditions, jobs, photos, and everything you can think of dance related. Have a blast! Do your thang!


oh yah

if you havent seen this beaut...

Jennifer Hudson did me good with this national anthem. Freakn amazing.